Pet of the Month Archive

January 2016 Pet Of The Month


Jacklyn and Jade

Pet(s) of the Month: Jade and Jacklyn are two beautiful Mastiff cross pups that recently came in for desexing, thanks to their very responsible parent. Here is Jacklyn giving Jade a very helpful 'chew' during photo-taking time. Jade certainly seems to be enjoying it. Whilst Jade is usually more boisterous of the two, Jacklyn was again trying to help earlier when the stitches were being removed. She had moved in close to the action only to crack heads with the vet. Jacklyn didn't even miss a beat, while the vet is now sporting a tiny bruise to remind her of the shared 'puppy love' moment. Love you guys too!



June 2015 Pet Of The Month



Destiny's owners noticed she had a sore eye so they brought her in as soon as they could. This very brave girl allowed Dr Kathy to look at her very sore eye and remained calm while a full examination was performed. Her eye is now looking better and healing well.

We are all very proud of you.

May 2015 Pet Of The Month



The handsome Toby!!!

Toby has been a responsible puppy with having his vaccinations to protect him from the nasty diseases Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza & Bordetella. He also had his Heartworm injection, which is a BIG needle but Toby took it all in his stride. He has been a brave boy getting all his needles.

October 2014 Pet Of The Month



I am just soooooo relaxed at the vets. Meet Anna, our October Pet of the Month. Congratulations Anna. You are a very pretty puppy Well Done!!

September 2014 Pet Of The Month



This is Ramona, a beautiful Arabian cross foal who was rejected by her mother. The owners kept her alive for a couple days after birth but then needed some assistance so Kathy was called out to help. Ramano needed special care back at the surgery including plasma and fluids to save her life. Now she is doing well and trotting around the garden and has her owners wrapped around her little 'hoof' so to speak.

May 2014 Pet Of The Month



Meet "Phoenix", a 10 month old female Cria (baby alpaca) who has "risen from the ashes". Phoenix was very sick when she was 4 months old and again at 7 months, but with her owners unwavering devotion and attention and our medical care she has pulled through.

Phoenix came in for her re-check blood test (with a little encouragement to come inside) and we grabbed this photo. Isn't she beautiful?!

April 2014 Pet Of The Month



Our Companion Animal of the Month is Yogie, a lovely, placid and much-loved childs’ pony who suffered a blockage in his oesophagus (food tube) last week.

After intensive diagnostics and treatment involving Xrays, Endoscopy, drugs and intravenous fluids over several days, and with hours of considerate care from his humans, Yogie has cleared the blockage and can now get back to the job of chewing his food properly before swallowing.

Well Done Yogie!

We are all very proud of you.

March 2014 Pet Of The Month



Hi, my name is Puddy and I am 10 months old. I had a bad accident and my Dad brought me in to Kathy.

He loves me.

I needed life-saving surgery and had a bandage on for two weeks.

I am doing really well now and Kathy tells me that I am a fantastic patient.

I know.

November 2013 Pet Of The Month



Google had a tooth removed because it was giving her trouble. She had really smelly breath.

She also has sore ears, so her owner is cleaning and medicating them daily.

Just a day after her surgery, Google walked into the clinic, wagging her tail and saying "Hello" to everyone.

Thumbs up for such a brave and cheerful little girl!

October 2013 Pet Of The Month 



Hi my name is Jet and I am amazing! I went into battle against a huge boar. I had a chest protector on but ended up with a small scratch on my back and under my chin - what?? 8 inches long and four layers of stitches on my back and 4 inches long and 3 layers of stitches under my chin!! No way.

Didn't even feel it. I was ready to get right back in there. My Dad had to tie me up at the truck to stop me. Then he drove me straight to Dr Kathy Webb who worked on me for three hours, finishing up around 1 am in the morning.

And I haven't looked back. I am doing great and my Dad loves me.

September 2013 Pet Of The Month



I was bitten by a brown snake several times when I rushed ahead of my human Mum into the veggie patch, to protect her.

My Mum and Dad brought me straight down to Nanango Country Veterinary Services where I was treated with three bottles of antivenom! 

I am now doing well and my Mum is very proud of me.

September 2012 Pet Of The Month



Hi, my name is Norbu and I am very special.  My mum adores me and I get very spoilt.  However I hurt my knee recently, and my vet knew there was a problem straight away.  I had to have a big operation on my knee and now I feel fantastic.  I can walk, and I can show off my scar (you can hardly see it!) to all my friends. 

August 2012 Pet Of The Month



Hi! I am just beautful.  I know because everyone tell me so.  So I love them right back.  I love my people parents especially.  They saw that I was limping and took me to the vets straight away.  Anyway I ended up having an operation to have a large cartilage flap removed.  I have to wear a sling for a while (don''t worry, I've worked out how to put my foot down) and be good (ha!) and then I will be able to walk and play again like normal. 

February 2012 Pet Of The Month



Hi! My name is Enya. I had a nasty brush with a car recently, and dislocated my hip. I have had surgery now and feel GREAT! I am such a good cat, and I love my people slaves. See ya!

Janurary 2012 Pet Of The Month



Look at my leg! 

I happily gave blood to try to save the life of my friend Charcoal. 

I was very brave and will be spoilt this week while I am recovering.

July 2011 Pet Of The Month



Ruby is our pet of the month because she was so brave receiving her yearly Heartworm injection which means she doesn't have to receive a tablet every month!

June 2011 Pet Of The Month



Huney is our pet of the month because she was so brave for her surgery!

Janurary 2011 Pet Of The Month



For Being A Brave Girl & Always Wearing A Smile When She Walks Into The Surgery.

October 2010 Pet Of The Month




 Bindi was so wonderful helping us to support National Bandana Day on October 29th 2010.   Thanks Bindi for your support and to everyone who bought a bandana to help kids with cancer.