Health care information to keep your horse sound and in good condition.

Equine Dental Care Guide

Efficient digestion in the horse starts when the food is taken in and chewed, therefore routine attention to the teeth is an important part of feeding management.

Super Fibres

Augmenting the diets of horses with 'super fibres' will increase the energy content of rations. An added boon to the use of super fibres is the positive effects they have on preserving gastrointestinal health.

It is important that all persons responsible for the health care of horses have an understanding of the common worms and how to control them.

Laminitis - Prevention is Better than Cure

Founder is one of the most crippling diseases of horses and ponies. Laminitis, the initiating cause of founder, can affect any horse, of any age or sex, at any time of year. Laminitis can be triggered by a variety of metabolic or physical causes.

Most of the newer worm drenches and pastes available on the market today are highly effective and safe. However, some worms have the ability to become resistant to worming drugs.

Show hacks and dressage horses must not only be highly trained to exhibit faultless manners and movement, but be presented in a robust, well conditioned appearance with a shiny hair coat.

The hindlimbs are responsible for the major propulsion of the horse and any changes to a less than good conformation can lead to lameness problems, especially in immature horses.

Protect Your Horse from Back Pain

Back pain in horses can be subtle or obvious. It can manifest as shifting lameness or just a generally sour attitude and is sometimes tricky to diagnose and hard to relieve.

Provided mares have adequate feed and are in reasonable bodily condition, they have a chance to commence their breeding cycles with the onset of spring weather.

There are many different views on how mares should be presented at the stud farm at the commencement of, and during, the breeding season.

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