Health care information to keep your horse sound and in good condition.

The 'Fizzy' Show and Riding Horse

A common problem experienced by show and competition riders is competition nerves not only in themselves, but also in their mounts.

Wall break-back is where portions of the hoof wall break out and expose the sensitive laminae. Hoof wall rings are most often due to dramatic feed and work changes, episodes of laminitis or other causes of foot inflammation, or prolonged illness.

Protect Your Horse from Back Pain

Back pain in horses can be subtle or obvious. It can manifest as shifting lameness or just a generally sour attitude and is sometimes tricky to diagnose and hard to relieve.

Nutrition for the Exuberant Equine!

At some stage in their lives, many horse people find themselves with a horse that displays naughty, wilful or playful behaviour. The causes of this behaviour can be many and varied but will often include

Determining why a horse has decreased appetite or inappetence can be difficult, especially if it is the only clinical sign the horse is showing.

Daily inspection and cleaning out of the hooves (before and after exercise) is essential to avoid hoof problems that can result in lameness.

Maintaining a Healthy Equine Digestive Tract

Feeding management can greatly influence the health of the digestive tract for better or worse. A healthy digestive tract is an integral part of the total well-being of the horse.

Laminitis is a catastrophic syndrome that should always be treated as an emergency. Recent research and new techniques used to treat this condition now make it possible to save horses that might have otherwise died.

Anhidrosis, or the inability to sweat to dissipate heat after exercise, is a condition that develops in horses stabled and trained under hot, humid conditions. It is commonly described as ‘dry coat’ or ‘non-sweating’ disease.

Rain scald, also known as "mud fever", is a skin condition that is most common in warm, humid areas and wet, rainy seasons.

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