Health care information to keep your horse sound and in good condition.

Care of the Mare After Foaling
After foaling, fit and healthy mares get up fairly quickly and show concern for their foals. However, many mares are exhausted and can present problems for the foal.

Can I Feed Them the Same Amount?

If you are feeding a number of horses, it is important to be aware of changes in work and to keep a close eye on body condition. Horses are individuals and their nutritional requirements are just as unique as their personalities.

This is an itchy skin condition caused buy an allergic reaction to larval forms of Onchocerca (Neck Threadworm).

Laminitis - Prevention is Better than Cure

Founder is one of the most crippling diseases of horses and ponies. Laminitis, the initiating cause of founder, can affect any horse, of any age or sex, at any time of year. Laminitis can be triggered by a variety of metabolic or physical causes.

Daily inspection and cleaning out of the hooves (before and after exercise) is essential to avoid hoof problems that can result in lameness.

Perennial Ryegrass Toxicosis

Perennial ryegrass toxicosis (PRGT) can be a serious and widespread problem in livestock grazing perennial ryegrass dominant pastures during the summer and autumn months.

Pica is the desire to eat unusual substances that possess little or no nutritional value, such as dirt, wood, hair, and faeces. This phenomenon has been observed in horses of all ages, breeds, and sexes.

The hindlimbs are responsible for the major propulsion of the horse and any changes to a less than good conformation can lead to lameness problems, especially in immature horses.

Lice infestations on horses causes skin irritation, self mutilation and loss of condition. Incidence peaks in late winter and spring, recurring annually once lice become established in a stable or paddock.

Normal horses bear between 60% and 65% of their weight on the forelegs. Proper angulation of the limbs as well as proper length of long bones are necessary to stop future problems arising.

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