Beef Cattle

Information on disease treatment and prevention in beef cattle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Liver Fluke

Liver fluke is an internal parasite that can infect and damage the livers and reduce the overall productivity of sheep, cattle, horses, pigs, goats, alpacas and deer.

Early Weaning of Beef Calves

Early weaning has become more popular for a number of reasons, including better utilisation of limited feed and as a drought management tool.

Management of Beef Breeding Cows

The aim of the beef producer is to match the nutritional requirements of the breeding herd to the seasonal pattern of pasture supply.

Managing Animals During Hot Weather

Extreme heat causes significant stress for all animals. Here are some guidelines to help reduce the impacts of heat stress.

With summer's arrival, now is the time to start thinking about summer drenching of cattle as part of your strategic roundworm control program.

Preventing Calf Scours in Suckler Beef Enterprises

How to better manage calving herds to avoid loses due to calf scours, improve calf health and immunity to infection and how to limit the spread of scours during an outbreak.

The major tick-borne disease of cattle in Australia is babesiosis, due to the protozoan parasites Babesia bovis and Babesia bigemina. The cattle tick, Boophilus microplus, is the only vector for babesiosis in Australia.

Causes of Genetic Abnormalities in Cattle
Breeders may see various genetic abnormalities in cattle from time to time e.g. albinism, hairlessness, mulefoot and dwarfism. Usually they are harmful and we may want to eliminate them, but occasionally there can be some advantages.

After a continued period of wet weather there is usually an increase in the number of lame cows in a herd. Continued exposure of cows' feet to wet conditions leads to a softening of the hoof horn making it more susceptible to damage.

Health and Welfare Problems in Beef Herds in a Drought

Droughts, by definition, inevitably result in less than adequate amounts of paddock feed. The effects of this shortfall on health will depend on many factors.

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