Beef Cattle

Information on disease treatment and prevention in beef cattle.

Bovine Johne's Disease

Bovine Johne's Disease (BJD) is a fatal wasting disease of cattle, goats, alpaca and deer. Bovine Johne’s disease is Far more common in dairy herds than in beef herds.

Liver fluke is an internal parasite that can infect and damage the liver and reduce overall productivity of cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, goats, alpacas and deer; humans can also become infected.

Leptospirosis Vaccination

Leptospirosis is a common disease affecting people who work with cattle. Studies from New Zealand have shown that vaccination of herds against leptospirosis results in a subsequent reduction in the number of human cases of leptospirosis by 60%.

Livestock Cancers

There are many different types of cancers (malignant tumours) that can affect livestock, however most are rare. In Australia, the most common cattle and sheep cancers affect the skin and eyes, and are caused by ultraviolet radiation.

There are six species of lice in Australia with three being particularly predominant in cattle populations.

Internal Parasites - Roundworm in Cattle

Ostertagia ostertagi and Cooperia spp are nematodes that are regularly associated with outbreaks of parasitic gastroenteritis throughout Australia. Most at risk are young animals, up to 2 years of age.

Pinkeye in Cattle

Pinkeye can affect cattle of all ages, but it is primarily a disease of calves.

Bovine Virus Diarrhoea (BVD) and Mucosal Disease (MD) are caused by a pestivirus. There are a number of different strains of pestivirus, both aggressive and mild, but the mild strains are still an important factor in the development of MD.

While there are a vast range of compounds which can cause poisonings in cattle, there are a few which are more common such as nitrate/nitrite poisoning and prussic acid poisoning.

Liver Fluke and Milking Cows

On many farms the control of liver fluke relies on treating all of the cows in the herd at drying off with an effective fluke treatment.

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