Beef Cattle

Information on disease treatment and prevention in beef cattle.

Liver Fluke and Milking Cows

On many farms the control of liver fluke relies on treating all of the cows in the herd at drying off with an effective fluke treatment.

Nitrate accumulation in plants is a potential danger to grazing animals. It can cause two different disorders - nitrate poisoning and nitrite poisoning.

Vibriosis In Cattle

Vibriosis (bovine venereal campylobacteriosis, or BVC) is venereal disease of cattle caused by the bacterium Campylobacteriosis fetus venerealis. This sexually transmitted disease is a major cause of infertility and abortion.

Bloat is a seasonal problem in both dairy and beef cattle. The condition is usually precipitated by the rapid consumption of lush legume pasture species in spring.

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