Kathy examining a sample under the microscope




 Kathy performing electroejaculation on a bull


Bull Breeding Soundness Examinations (BBSE) are now being widely recognized as an essential requirement for bull sales, and for bull fertility assessments. Kathy is fully BBSE accredited and can provide crush-side bull semen examinations on-property to assess the suitability of bulls being placed in herds for breeding, or to assess problems with fertility where calving percentages have fallen. Semen can be sent on for morphology testing by an accredited bull semen morphologist, which is recommended for all bull studs selling bulls at sales. Certificates are supplied where requested.  The bull breeding soundness exam (BBSE) is a vital part of any breeding program.   It is important to assess the reproductive status of any bulls that are being used on a property (whether directly or indirectly via AI programs).   A BBSE includes basic information such as identification and history (including vaccinations) of the bull as well as 5 key assessments:

  • A general physical examination including structure (conformation) and upper reproductive tract
  • An examination of the testes and measurement of scrotal size
  • A serving assessment to evaluate libido and mating ability
  • Collection and assessment of a semen sample
  • Laboratory examination of sperm morphology