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Our Staff


Our Vet

Kathy Webb BVSc (Hons) BA MANZCVSc (Medicine of Horses) MAnimSc

Principal Veterinarian

Kathy moved to the district in 1987, loved the area and the community and married a local cattleman. 

Qualifications and accreditations include:

  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours)
  • Membership of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists (Medicine of Horses)
  • Master of Animal Science (Farm Consultancy)
  • FEI 4* Endurance Veterinarian
  • FEI 4* Endurance Treatment Veterinarian
  • AERA/QERA Endurance Veterinarian
  • Post-Graduate Horse Dentistry Course including Power Float techniques
  • Accredited in Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluations
  • Accredited in Cattle Pregnancy Testing
  • Accredited in Microchipping
  • Accredited in Hendra Vaccinating
  • Accredited in Restraint by Tranquillization Darting

​Memberships include:

  • Australian Small Animal Veterinarians
  • Australian Cattle Veterinarians
  • Equine Veterinarians Australia
  • Sheep, Camelid and Goat Veterinarians

At home, Kathy enjoys the company of the family pet dogs, Harry and Buttons, and the family cats Pippa and Ben. Horses also remain a special part of Kathys' life.  Monty, an Appaloosa Quarterhorse purchased from a client as a foal many years ago, is still active and a very important member of the  team on the family cattle property "Gibbarnee". Early this year, an Arabian mare named Tapestry was also welcomed to the family, and is expecting a Quarab foal by year end, with the AI performed here at the clinic. 


Our Veterinary Support Team

Karrie Ashby  Veterinary Assistant

Certificate II in Animal Studies

Karrie has been an integral part of the Clinic team for over 5 years, and having spent one year working away as a jillaroo in the Gulf in 2016, is now working here again full-time. Karrie originally completed a school-based traineeship through the local High School, gaining a Certificate II in Animal Studies at the end of 2014, then joined the staff as a qualified veterinary assistant.   

Karrie has 2 dogs, a Boxer named Rambo and a Border Collie named Rascal, plus has now added a little Dachshund called Amani (expensive tastes!). Karrie loves to ride her horse Jewels....when she can catch her. Karrie now also has a Clydesdale named Belle, who is quiet, steady and beautiful...but slowwww, and the newest addition is a green Quarterhorse filly. Attendance at Campdrafts, Rodeos,  PBR Competitions and Ute Shows occupy most of Karries' spare time.

Serena Barber Veterinary Assistant

Enrolled Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing

Serena hails from Wondai and clearly loves horses. Having completed work experience with the clinic in 2009, Serena continued on staff as a veterinary assistant for some time. Serena then concentrated on her Miniature Horse Stud 'Painted Crystal Miniatures', competing at both State and Nationals as a member of the Australian Miniature Horse Society, the Miniature Horse Association of Australia and the Independent Miniature Horse Registry. Apart from owning 13 miniature horses and 2 American Shetlands, Serena shares her home (figuratively speaking) with 2 dogs, a Sharpei x called Dory, and a Border Collie called Pup, and a Large White pig called Piggly-pig. Serena has now re-enrolled in her nursing studies and hopes to complete her Cert IV by the end of the year.    

Ryan Webb

Veterinary Assistant

Ryan works part-time on Mondays and Tuesdays. Ryan has grown up as a son of the clinic and really enjoys helping the Veterinarian (his mum) with all things veterinary. We greatly appreciate our clients saying hi to Ryan and encouraging him with his job. Ryan spent 2016 at TAFE learning numeracy, literacy and hospitality, and is now learning how to answer the phone and help out with the many jobs inherent in a Veterinary Clinic. Here he is pictured with one of the family dogs Harry (who's actually a girl dog but named after Harry Potter). 



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