Pet care information to help keep your cat healthy and content.

Cagey Cats -  Confining Cats in Comfort

Is your cat being belted up by the local moggie? Do you live near a main road, or have problems with your cat attacking the local wildlife? Well, the solution to all of the above could be to confine your cat to your house or yard.

Dental Home Care Options For Pets

Dental home care for your dog or cat can make a tremendous difference to their comfort and health, as well as your veterinary dental bills.

Persistent runny noses in cats can be a worry and not just for your cat! There are many causes of chronic nasal discharge in cats, most commonly following an episode of 'cat flu' that damages the lining of the nasal cavity.

Dental Anatomy of the Cat and Dog

How many teeth should my cat or dog have? Do they have baby teeth? If so, when do they lose them? We have the answers!

Eye Disease in Pets

In dogs and cats, conditions affecting the eyes are quite common and potentially serious. They can range from simple eye irritations to serious and life threatening diseases.

Ten Top Tips For Brushing Your Pet's Teeth

Here are ten top tips to start and keep brushing your pet's teeth.

Dental Disease: Does Your Pet Have Bad Breath?

Phew! Bad breath can affect the relationship you have with your pet and it can affect your pet's health. Dental disease is one of the most common problems affecting dogs and cats today, but there are some simple measures you can take to prevent it.

If you want to change your pet’s behaviour, why use harsh techniques when gentle ones will work better?

Feline AIDS Vaccination

Modern science has again come to the aid of pets. In this case, the aid is the prevention of AIDS, particularly Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV or Feline AIDS).

Feline Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is more commonly seen in middle-aged to older cats, and in males. Burmese cats are more commonly affected than other cats. Obesity also predisposes to development of diabetes, as do some medications.

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