Health care information to keep your horse sound and in good condition.

All rural and regional properties are at risk of bushfire and complacency can be deadly. Being prepared is the key to minimising the risk and impact of fire on your property and to livestock and pets.

Greasy heel is characterised by greasy, cracked or inflamed skin on the heels and rear of the pasterns.

Horses are experts when it comes to injuring themselves and the more valuable they are the better they are at it!

Spring Feeding Horses

Too fat, too thin: how is your horse looking after the winter months? Condition scoring is an ideal way to assess your horse's weight and make any changes to the diet if needed.

Every breeding season, new broodmare owners join the ranks of seasoned breeders and find difficulty coming to terms with all the complications, disappointments, expenses and frustrations of trying to successfully breed a mare to produce a foal.

Tapeworms in Horses

Tapeworms are involved in serious bowel disorders in horses including colic, intestinal blockages and even death. It is therefore very important for tapeworm control to be included in worming programs.

Taking Care of the Horse in the Golden Years

At what age is a horse considered geriatric? A general rule is that a horse 18 to 20 years of age is entering the golden years. Geriatrics may require special adaptations in health care, environment and diet.

Summer sores develop from the deposition of Habronema worm larvae in fresh wounds and moist areas of the horse's eyes and sheath by infected house and stable flies.

Get the Scoop on Feed Forms

A hundred years ago, feeding horses was simple. Farmers and trainers went to the feed store, bought a bag of oats or corn, and gave their horses a scoop or two every day. Nutrition management isn’t as easy for today’s horse owner.

Will it Ever Rain Again?

Your once-green pasture is starting to resemble an arid desert savannah. Feed and grain prices are climbing and the price of chaff and hay (if you can buy it at all) is going through the roof! Your horses need feeding, but with what?

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