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Responsible pet care requires puppies to be taken to the Vet for their initial course of vaccinations, but this can not protect them for the rest of their lives. The immunity weakens overtime and your pet can again become susceptible to disease. Vaccinations need to be given yearly for life to ensure continued immunity.

Should your pet become infected, treatment can require frequent visits to our surgery and possibly hospitalisation.

However not all diseases can be cured and disability or death may result. The only practial means of protection is vaccination.

When should your dog or puppy be vaccinated?

Puppies will be "temporarily" protected against many diseases by antibodies received through their mother's milk.  These maternal antibodies decline in the first few months of a puppy's life, however until they drop sufficiently they can neutralise vaccines. This is why a series of vaccines is necessary. Under normal conditions for an initial course of vaccination visits and our surgery recommends 2 to 3 vaccination visits, depending on when the first vaccination is given. Therafter annual booster vaccinations will provide the best protection for the life of your pet.


Worming is a very important part of a dog's health care regime.   This involves both intestinal worming and heartworm prevention.   There are many products on the market and the options can be very overwhelming for a pet owner.   The best option is to come into the vet and allow us to tailor a worming protocol that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

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Why You Should Vaccinate Your Dog

Is there something you've forgotten to do in the last twelve months? Making sure your dog is fully vaccinated means protecting them and other dogs against disease.

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