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In Nanango and the surrounding areas we are lucky enough to be surrounded by a great variety of wildlife species.   We see koalas, possums, wallabies, kangaroos and many different bird species on a regular basis in this area.  Unfortunately, wildlife often get injured on our roads or by our pets and need human intervention to get better.   Here at Nanango Country Vet Services we are happy to take in any sick or injured wildlife and we will do our best to nurse them back to health.

All of our wildlife consultations are free of charge with costs only to cover medications or surgeries.

If you have a wildlife emergency out of hours please contact:

Birds - Jenny and Ken Molyneux (4163 0818)

Possums and Wallabies - Charlie (0400710651) or Patrica (54298125)

RSPCA - 1300 264 625

Snakes - Gunter Glaser (4162 8086 or 0429 613 324) or Gary Sipple (0407 681 131) or Christian Anderson (0435 736 924)

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