Nanango Country Vet - Microchipping
Microchipping your pup or dog is mandatory under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs Act (2008).

Microchipping is required where::

1. your cat or dog was born after the 10 April 2009 and is being sold or given away, or

2. your dog is a regulated animal.

As a direct result of pets being microchipped, we have been able to return many lost pets to their owners. One story involves our own surgery cat. Rosie went missing one day when she caught a lift to Oakey Veterinary Hospital on a visiting horse float, hopped off at the vets in Oakey, then wandered in the front door and up to reception staff. Due to her microchip, they identified us as the owners and called us, and we were able to collect her the next day. Rosie is no longer with us, but the stories of her adventures are legend.

Microchipping involves the insertion of a needle under the skin between the shoulder blades. A small microchip (electronic device) is deposited there and it remains there for the life of the animal. Microchipping a cat or dog can only be done by an authorised microchip implanter such as your veterinarian, or qualified veterinary nurse. Registration is also for the life of the animal and you must let the registry know if you change your address or telephone number. All councils and vets should have a microchip reader. Microchipping is a low cost invaluable asset to pet care.

To book for your pet microchipping, call us on 07 4163 3388 or get in touch via our Contact Us page..