Yard Facilities

Nanango Country Vet - Yard Facilities - Kathy with Car
Our surgery facilities are very comfortable and include a spacious grounds with a lawn under our lovely Racehorse (Tipuana) tree.

There is a safe and secure yard facilities at our surgery grounds for horses, alpacas and small ruminants with a covered area that has been erected over the area. We have fixed horse stocks in the yards. These assist in ensuring safe and stress-free vaccinations, x-raying, endoscopys’, reproductive examinations using manual and/or ultrasound techniques, dentals, AI’s, gelding operations, hernia repairs and stitch up’s. Sedation is given as required.

Cattle can also be examined in the yards if unloaded and halter-led, or on your truck at the surgery if restrained, or at your property in yards with a crush or race facility. The surgery has a fully equipped vehicle for all on-farm or on-property visits.