Imaging – Ultrasound, Radiography (X-Ray) and Endoscopy

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Tendon scans

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Reproduction scans


Ultrasonography provides an instant confirmation for pregnancy examinations in most species. Also ultrasonography can provide a useful adjunct to diagnostics involving the thorax, abdomen and reproductive and urinary tracts, as well as being used for horse tendon scans.

Radiography (X-Ray)

X-rays are utilised frequently for diagnostics, particularly in our orthopaedic work-ups and for soft tissue diagnostics. X-rays are processed digitally in-house providing fast results. Our facilities are registered and are fully compliant with Radiation Safety Standards.

Nanango Country Vet - Imaging - Horse X-ray
Nanango Country Vet - Imaging - Boof xray


Our unit is invaluable in the diagnosis of conditions of the upper airways, pharynx and oesophagus of horses, and in respiratory and gastric conditions in the larger dog breeds. The unit is portable if facilities at the property are adequate, and is disinfected according to strict criteria immediately after use.

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